He saw the US response to Russia's security proposals as a direct confrontation

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Deputy President of the Federation Council Committee for international affairs Vladimir Jabarov commented on the US response to Russia's security proposals received by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday. According to him, such an answer cannot satisfy Moscow.

“We have gathered everything together – our fantasies, claims,” ​​said the RIA senator.

He added that “we will not accept such an answer.” p>

In general, the US response suggests that Washington is going into a direct confrontation and is beginning a global confrontation, Jabarov believes.


Earlier, US Secretary of State Antney Blinken said the response to Russia's proposals had been agreed with the Allies and also with Ukraine and to ensure a diplomatic way to resolve the situation. The diplomat stressed that the states are open to dialogue and that their goal is further negotiations with the Russian side. In particular, he indicated that he expects talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the coming days.

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