Former CIA agent: Russia surpasses the United States in the Ukrainian direction


Former CIA Agent Dan Hoffman assessed the Kremlin's policy towards Ukraine. In his view, the strategy of the Russian authorities is effective. He expressed his opinion on the Fox News channel.

Hoffman said that Moscow outperforms Washington in this respect. According to him, the actions of Russia cause the reaction of the West that it needs. He cited the recent refusal of the United States to send its ships to the Black Sea as an example.

“Russia clearly shows that Ukraine is in its sphere of interests, but does not consider itself to be a party to the conflict in Donbass. It is clear that Russia did not intend to attack the neighboring country, if it concentrated its troops on the border, it would lead to massive bloodshed on both sides, “the former intelligence officer quoted the publication as saying.

According to Hoffman, in Russia, thanks to that, she got what she wanted – the US was forced to retreat.

The former agent also noted that Western countries should increase military aid to Ukraine. In addition, he believes that it should be possible to develop relations with the EU and NATO.


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