Deadly Abrams: expert Knutov spoke about the oncology of American tankers

American Abrams tanks that Kyiv demands from Washington, they are really deadly, writes They are dangerous for their own crews, military expert Yuri Knutov said in the publication.

The frontal armor, the front part of the turret and the mask of the Abrams gun are made of depleted uranium, he said. This gives these heavy “super tanks” super strength. Typically, such material is used for ballistic nuclear missile warheads. It helps withstand extreme stress when passing through dense layers of the atmosphere.

Depleted uranium shells are considered the most durable and armor-resistant.

“The only downside to depleted uranium is that when the projectiles hit , radioactive dust will form in the frontal armor inside the tank, which will cause cancer in the crew,” Knutov warned.

He said that the Pentagon is literally flooded with lawsuits from Abrams tankers and their families. Crews develop cancer. There are especially many complaints from the military that went through Iraq.


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