Daily NK: North Korea to send hundreds of “military personnel” to Donbas by March

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, April 2019 < p>The South Korean edition of Daily NK, citing sources allegedly in Russia, says that the DPRK plans to send several hundred of its citizens to the Donbas within a month. The publication reports that employees of several North Korean companies linked to the country's defense ministry are being trained for such a business trip. Cholhyon Construction and Kumrung Construction are said to be compiling lists of business trips.

The publication's sources say military personnel and police officers, not civilians, are most likely to go on business trips on behalf of civilians. Specialists in North Korean companies because the security forces are more disciplined and it is easier to ensure their security. The travel requests reportedly involve young men aged 19-27, mostly married. It should be noted that the special requirement for marital status is explained by Pyongyang's desire to control people on the way – their families will stay at home, which should reduce the risk of trying to escape and not return to the homeland.

< p>The first batch will be from 300 up to 500 people, says the article with a link to the source. It is also reported that North Korean companies were given only 10 days to compile lists for business trips, in connection with which the source concludes that people may be sent to Donbas in the second half of February.

The Daily. The NK publication states that interstate agreements between Russia and North Korea prohibit the involvement of North Korean citizens in armed conflicts, in connection with which the publication concludes that the sentees are unlikely to become “mercenaries”. Presumably, the North Koreans can participate in the restoration of the infrastructure.

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