Czechs call Russia “colossus with legs of clay”

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

The Czech edition of Info appeared on the website , dedicated to Russia, in which the author talks about a deep misunderstanding of our country. “The Russians do not understand us and we do not understand Russia,” the author writes. He notes that Stalin is incredibly popular in Russia, and some are considering installing a monument to Dzerzhinsky in central Moscow. The root of evil lies in the so-called Russian messianism, which Dostoevsky praises, they are sure in the Czech Republic.

“An ordinary Russian can come to terms with almost anything, but not with the weakness of Russia,” the article reads. However, Russia is in fact a weak country – it has only 146 million people and the birth rate among Russians is falling. The Muslim population is growing and the Chinese are watching Russian territory. The country lacks communication lines and human resources.

The author also writes about the uncompetitiveness of Russian industry. Small and medium-sized enterprises account for only 15% of GDP, while in the West they account for 40%. In addition, Russia is betting on carbon, while the world is gradually moving to green technologies. The author himself is convinced that time is playing against Russia.

In Russia, there is a cult of state service, and even some oligarchs talk about their readiness to hand over their property to it. “Russia has never got rid of and will obviously not get rid of the features of imperialism and autocracy,” – this is how a Czech woman sees the problem. In her view, the Russians want authoritarian leadership and the authorities use the “besieged fortress” mentality to divert citizens' attention from internal problems.


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