Communist Party candidate Bondarenko said he was fired for extremism

Young businessman Nikolai Bondarenko, representative of the Saratov Regional The Duma and the State Duma candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation said live in their upcoming elections on their Yutube channel that he had been summoned to the police to draw up a protocol on the distribution of extremist materials. If found guilty, he will not be able to run.

Bondarenko claims that he was summoned in connection with the “United Russia Manifesto of 2002”, which he extended to the Internet 10 years ago. The MP is sure that it is all about the desire to remove him from the election.

The “Manifesto” has been circulating on the Internet for a long time. It sets out the populist promises of United Russia that have never been fulfilled. At the same time, the party itself stated that it was a fake document that was distributed in order to discredit the political organization.

According to the TV channel “Dozhd”, the leaflet itself is not included in the list of extremist materials, but Alexei Navalny's video is included in the register of prohibited materials devoted to this document. Several cases of extremism have been opened in Russia for the distribution of this video.

Bondarenko became famous in 2018 after criticizing the pension reform. He also conducted an experiment and ate a minimum of 3.5 thousand rubles for a month.


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