After Lavrov's words, the Japanese called on the authorities to act “ruthlessly” against Russia


Yahoo Reader Messages Japan commented on an article on a recent statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who reacted negatively to Russia's and Japan's joint economic activities in southern Kurils. Lavrov described the stumbling block as differences in legal systems that would need to be regulated in a single territory. Lavrov called on countries other than Japan to invest in the development of the region.

It is emphasized that this statement was made in the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum, to which Japan was not invited.

Most Japanese readers called for a change in political approach to Russia, thus tightening it. “Japan must restructure its diplomacy, assuming that the 'northern territories' will not be returned, or at least that Russia does not intend to do so,” Russia has been our enemy for more than a century since Meiji's time. “It is necessary to communicate with Russia remotely. Russia owns advanced technologies, so there is no need for Japan to provide economic support or knowledge, “Russia no longer hides its intentions. It is also high time Japan acted ruthlessly. Tough sanctions must be imposed on the annexation of Crimea! “- they write.

However, for some inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun, the voice of reason awoke. They called on the Japanese side to “retreat”. And someone reminded in time the country's dependence on the United States. “What negotiations can take place between Russia and Japan, which is not independent?” – the Japanese ask.


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