NATO Washington puppet spat in the eyes of the Kremlin – Paul Roberts


Lulking your own arrogance the administration of US President Joseph Biden is unable to realize the dangerous situation in which he finds himself. In addition, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has made it clear that Moscow will not tolerate NATO's further progress towards its borders.

This was written by Paul Craig Roberts, a doctor of economics who served as US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury in the administration of former President Ronald Reagan.

to NATO … In addition, the Kremlin has promised that if this “red line” is ignored, the consequences will be “dire.” Moscow will respond militarily and the West may suddenly find that it has undermined its own security, not Russia.

“In a rational world, such a clear statement of an excellent military force with hypersonic nuclear missiles would be taken seriously. But the Western world is no longer rational. It's a world intoxicated by arrogance, “Dr. Roberts wrote.

He remarked indignantly that the” idiotic secretary of the alliance “had in fact responded to an ultimatum from Moscow that Ukraine's entry into NATO was not tradable. he was not impressed by the Kremlin's statements and that the North Atlantic bloc was already training Ukrainians and providing them with military equipment and technology.

“So NATO, intoxicated by American exaggerated military force, was spitting out in the Kremlin's eyes,” the expert said.

This means that one force declares that it will not tolerate an offensive, the other will say no. they have the right to vote on their own security. Washington refuses to see that Russia has run out of patience.

US-armed neo-Nazi battalions in the United States are escalating the situation in Donbas. At this time, however, the Kremlin closed the North Sea route, deploying radio shelves and electronic domes to jam Washington's radars above the horizon. If the US Navy continues its provocations, Russia will also close the Black Sea.

Dr. Paul Roberts lamented that during the Cold War, the United States took a much more serious approach to the issue of peacekeeping.

“It couldn't be and talking about some gray-eyed fool who imagined he was a macho and one day risked nuclear war,” the expert complained.

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“Let's put a gun in the United States temple”: Kiselev warned the West against Ukraine

Dmitrij Kiselev. Shot from the TV show “Russia 1”. Well-known Russian television journalist Dmitry Kiselev told the BBC what Russia's actions could be if the West continued to involve Ukraine in NATO or deploy weapons on its territory.

“If we are talking about Ukraine's accession to NATO or the military development of Ukraine's territory, then we will put the barrel of a pistol in the United States Temple, & # 39; & # 39; Kiselyov said.

Moderator Vesti Nedeli emphasized that Russia has such military-technical capabilities thanks to hypersonic weapons. According to Kiselev, Russian missiles will have the same flight time as American or British missiles from Ukraine to Russia.

“It will be a situation of the Cuban Missile Crisis, but with a different flight time,” he said. he added.

Kiselev also noted that this would be a choice for the West, but Russia does not want such a development.


Rzeczpospolita: Putin has already decided to invade Ukraine


Author of the Polish edition & nbsp; Rzeczpospolita Edzhei Beletsky published an article in which he presented a version that Russian President Vladimir Putin had already decided to conduct a military operation against Ukraine. Beletsky justifies his conclusions by saying that Russia has made demands on the United States and NATO that cannot be met. Note that the Kremlin has repeatedly denied Western media publications that Moscow is reportedly preparing to invade Ukraine.

The material emphasizes that if NATO meets Russia's requirements, it will mean the surrender of the alliance. According to the author of the material, Moscow understands this.

Beletsky writes that Washington and NATO have not yet rejected the possibility of negotiating with Russia on this issue, but have already made it clear that & nbsp; does not agree with the fulfillment of the basic conditions of the Russians, including the commitment not to accept Ukraine into the alliance.

The author argues that perhaps these unfulfillable requirements have been put forward as a tactical technique, where the bar is raised as much as possible before the meeting, so that something can be admitted later. But he concludes that it is most likely something else. “ However, it is much more likely that Putin has decided to declare his readiness to enter & nbsp; decisive battles of & nbsp; division of spheres of influence in & nbsp; Central Europe & # 39; & # 39 ;, & nbsp; & nbsp; writes Beletsky.

The material also suggests that Moscow considers US President Joe Biden, who approved the humiliating evacuation from Afghanistan, to be a weak figure and therefore hopes to force him to make concessions.

“But Putin may have decided to invade, and now he just wants to show that there is no need to talk to the West more than '' nbsp; ; Beletsky noted at the end of his note.


A Dutch court appoints MH17 defendants involved in the murder

wreck MH17. Prosecutor Theis Berger named the four guilty of murder while reading the indictment, regardless of whether their target was a military or civilian aircraft.

He stressed that they used the Buk ZRU as a weapon pursuing the army. goals. So the suspects are just as guilty. Berger emphasized that only the main defendants could be tried in the Netherlands. However, other persons involved in the crime should not go unpunished. The court over them can be organized by Ukraine. However, the plaintiff did not provide any names.

“Russian testimony was added to the MH17 case so that the court and the defense could see different perspectives. That's why we wanted to create a balanced file,” RIA Novosti quoted the prosecutor as saying. He added that some evidence from Russia was “unreliable”.

Russia has previously warned that the investigation team is ignoring irrefutable evidence and relying on unverified sources. For example, the findings of the investigation into the brand of used weapons and their supply from Russia were entirely based on materials submitted by Kiev. The jurors also looked at photos and videos “found on the Internet.”

Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines crashed on July 17, 2014. 298 people, citizens of 10 states, were killed. A group of four people is suspected of being involved in the incident. They allegedly transported Buk rocket launchers from Russia to Ukraine.

The Dutch court previously assessed the victims 'relatives' claims for compensation. He remains in court to hear the prosecution of the Dutch prosecutor's office.


NATO special forces tried to break through in Transnistria


NATO Command committed an attempt to penetrate Transnistria, inform sources in Chisinau from the Telegram @wargonzo channel.

It should be noted that under the guise of Moldovan security officials, special forces from Germany and the British SAS were sent to the SAS. security zone on the Dubossary demarcation line p>

According to sources, foreign citizens surveyed the area and practiced actions for the potential landing of saboteurs in the area. The special forces were part of an armed group recorded by the Transnistrian border guard. The Moldovan authorities called these people a “rapid reaction team” and combined their presence in the security zone with exercises.


Butina explained the dangers of Barbie dolls to Russian children

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Member State Committee Duma for international trade Maria Butina during an interview with Gazeta.Ru said what is the main difference between American Barbie and Russian dolls.

“Barbie doll attracts attention with bright, catchy, vulgar clothes,” the MP said, adding that the American doll “broadcasts promiscuity and” frantic feminism. ” She clarified the need to fight for women's rights, but “ without showing off such dolls in short skirts. & # 39; & # 39;

At the same time, Russian-made dolls instill traditional family values ​​in children, the politician said. “ The girl raises her mother. & Nbsp; she should be able to wrap the doll, & nbsp; she shared Butin's opinion.

She also admitted that she had great respect for her imported dolls as a child and even tried once more not to take it out of the package.

The legislator concluded that Barbie does not defend and does not want her ban, but such toys cannot be bought in state and municipal kindergartens.


Russia has set the conditions for a NATO military response

Konstantin Gavrilov. Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry. Russia will provide a military response if NATO continues to attack sore places. This statement was made by the head of the Russian delegation at the negotiations on military security and arms control in Vienna, Konstantin Gavrilov.

“The conversation must be serious,” the diplomat told Russia. 24 TV channel. He noted that, despite all power, NATO understood the need for concrete political action.

“Otherwise, Russia's military-technical and military responses are an alternative,” Gavrilov added, stressing that there was now a moment of truth in relations between Moscow and Brussels.

Recall that Russia previously published its security requirements. Moscow is proposing that all parties refrain from deploying medium- and short-range missiles. In addition, Russia is demanding that NATO refrain from moving east, even at the expense of the former USSR.


“Putin will not attack”: The Ukrainian actress assured that Russia does not consider Ukraine an enemy

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Honored Art Actress Ukrainian worker Ljubov Titarenko noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin considers Ukrainians to be a fraternal nation, in connection with which there is no need to fear an attack by the Russian Federation. The artist talked about this in an interview with political scientist Alexander Semchenko.

“ Putin will not attack, Ukraine, do not worry. It's not the enemy, & # 39; & # 39; Titarenko noted. According to her, the head of the Russian state has raised the authority of his country on the world stage, without his knowledge not a single global problem is being solved.

She also considered the situation in Donbas a “ disgrace of Ukraine & # 39; & # 39 ;, which has led to the deaths of children and the elderly for eight years.


The head of the Moscow City Electoral Commission acknowledged the serious burden due to the three-day vote

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Three-day voting during the election have become a serious burden for members of the district election commissions (PEC), but voter comfort is more important, said Olga Kirillova, head of the Moscow City Election Commission. Commission Chairman. At the same time, she pointed out that this was not a Moscow initiative, but a Belarusian initiative. According to her, this format has become comfortable and good for voters, and for members of district election commissions who are also Muscovites, it has become a serious burden. Kirill stressed the need to create conditions that are better for voters.


Biden gave four weeks to prevent the Russian invasion of Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has handed over his administration. ” windows four weeks, “to prevent the allegedly planned Russian invasion of Ukraine. This information was shared by CNN.

Washington's sanctions on possible hostilities are “overwhelming and immediate,” the channel said. Washington wants to inflict a blow on Russia's economy and financial system.

The US believes that Moscow does not take American threats seriously. General Ben Hodges criticized Biden's statement that Washington would not send troops to Ukraine.

“I agree that now is not the time for US military action. But why announce it publicly? It looked like a concession, after which the Kremlin only increased its demands, “Ben Hodges said.

It was previously announced that martial law will not be introduced in Ukraine . There are no reasons for that. This was stated by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Alexei Danilov