Zhirinovsky called on Zyuganov not to involve Grudinin in politics

Photo: Evgeny Semenov

LDPR Head Vladimír Žirinovský responded in his telegram channel to the decision of the Central Election Commission of Russia to exclude the director of CJSC Lenin State Farm Pavel Grudinin from the federal list of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the State Duma elections.

“Dear Gennady Andreevich, leave Pavel Nikolayevich Grudin alone,” & mdash; & nbsp; Zhirinovsky turned to the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Gennady Zyuganov.

The head of the Liberal Democrats remarked that Grudinin is a great manager who grows delicious strawberries. According to Žirinovsky, Grudinin also did a lot for the inhabitants of the state farm, where he was a director for a long time.

“Why would you threaten him?” Nikolai Platoshkin, leader of the “ For the New Socialism '' movement, “received the article and is restricted in his freedom.”

“And now you end up with Grudinin. You understand that he will never be president, that you yourself will never win a single election of governor & nbsp; and there will never be any doubts on your lists that raise any doubt, & mdash; & nbsp; Zhirinovsky continued.

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party suggested that Zyuganov change the name of the party, forget about Stalin, the words “ communism“ and 'socialism', because in his opinion “all left-wing regimes are doomed.” Concluded Zhirinovsky.

Recall that according to CEC, Grudina's owner is & nbsp; Bontro offshore in Belize, through which he controlled companies in the Russian Federation. This is forbidden for the candidate for deputy. Grudinin himself said that the company was closed.

The election will take place within three days, September 17, 18 and 19.

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