Zakharova called the Russians who removed symbols of support for Ukraine “rats”.

Photo: Global Look Press

After the start of the special army operation in Ukraine many social network users, as well as show business stars, posted black squares on their pages and placed the Ukrainian flag on their profile avatar. However, all this is now gone, and Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, decided to comment on this.

“Have you noticed how the process of removing Ukrainian flags, black squares and funeral candles from avatars has started? We all understand that it is not done with insight. And quietly, subliminally, they turn their civic status into a tube to better times. It's as if life is returning to its old ways for them. Agree and that's enough. Moreover, Russia was not abolished and Zelenskiy is completely wrong. One never knows,” Zakharova wrote on her Telegram channel.

The diplomat also recalled colorful clothes also in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, for example, a blue hat and a yellow jacket. Zakharova herself did not comment on this, but let the users decide for themselves whether it is a random outfit or support for Ukraine. But now everyone has started taking pictures of themselves in normal clothes and posting it on the web.

“Not rats, but rats. This is the whole meaning of the arranged immoral performance,” added the official representative of the diplomatic department.


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