Zakharova: Apple and Google will no longer be able to evade Russian laws


Russian Compliance the legislation will ensure the work of Apple and Google in Russia, because the old days for the activities of American companies in the Russian Federation are over, said a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

She commented on an article in The New York Times, which stated that Apple and Google had removed the Navalny application in connection with the threat of prosecution of their employees, leaving such an interpretation of the American press “to their fault if he stays with him “.

According to her, everything is simple for any foreign company in the Russian Federation: “you must comply with Russian law.” Zakharova noted that “exactly the same thing” is required by foreign companies and citizens operating abroad.

“If Apple and Google started following the instructions when they were sent to them, there would be no calling for a commission meeting and no need for public controversy,” the diplomat added.

A ministry spokesman foreign countries have admitted that American companies believe that “it will be” as always “: they will make noise at the microphones and everything will be the same. “

” But those times are over for American companies – they still won't. The guarantee of their work in Russia is compliance with Russian legislation, “concluded Zakharova.


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