Xi urges top national security officials to prepare for 'worst-case scenarios'

President Xi Jinping addresses representatives of the national security, urging them to prepare for “worst-case scenarios” in light of growing internal and external threats.

During a meeting of the Party's National Security Commission, Xi noted the growing complexity and difficulties China faces in the field of national security safety and stressed the need to prepare for a big test.

“We must be prepared for strong winds and rough waves, as well as dangerous rough seas. We have to stick to results-oriented thinking and anticipate the worst possible scenario,” Xi Jinping said. According to CNN, the instructions came from China's influential leader at a time when the country is facing various challenges, from economic problems to a hostile international environment.

Xi Jinping noted that China must accelerate the modernization of its national system and forces security, which makes them more effective in real situations. He also emphasized the need to develop a national security risk monitoring and early warning system, improve security education and data and artificial intelligence management.

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