Viktor Bout's wife called the results of the Putin and Biden meeting a “sip of living water”


Alla Bout, wife of Russian businessman Viktor Bout, who is serving a 25-year sentence in an American prison, said the issue of the exchange of convicts, which was one of the topics of talks between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, had become a “sip of living water.”

“I think both. This will bring great joy to Viktor and his mother, this is the first positive in many years of negativity, a great positive action, “she said. the first positive shift has taken place over the years, commenting on Putin's words that some compromises can be found in the exchange of convicts.

“The fact that this issue was discussed at the summit and the possibility of finding compromises was noted as a very positive action, the first such action in many years. that the problem will be solved, “added Alla Booth.


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