Verona residents took part in a rally against NATO and support for Ukraine

Two hundred residents of Verona gathered against NATO and support for Ukraine

PHOTO: freeze-frame video from social networks

In Verona, Italy, more than two hundred people gathered for a demonstration against the policy of NATO and the EU towards Ukraine. This was announced to TASS by one of its organizers, the president of the Venetian-Russian association Palmarino Zoccatelli.

According to the protesters, they are not satisfied with the Italian government, which is following the example of the EU and NATO, which threatens to plunge the country into a total war. Demonstrators symbolically cut the flags of the European Union and NATO as a sign of disapproval of what these alliances are doing in relation to Russia.

During the event, teleconferences with like-minded people were organized in Belgrade. and Tivat (Montenegro). In addition, journalist Elisio Bertolazi, who has visited Donbas several times, spoke at the rally.

The current protest in Verona is not the first, the organizers intend to continue the rallies and increase the number of participants and “attract more space”.


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