US implements “Putin Liability Act”

Photo: Mikhail Verny Putin's responsibility “- Bill on new sanctions against Russia The initiative was presented to the U.S. Congress on January 19.

According to the Washington Post, the bill was introduced by Republican Sen. Jim Banks, backed by another 38 congressmen. The initiative includes the introduction of personal sanctions against Russian officials and security forces, including the press, Russian President Dmitry Peskov, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, TFR President Alexander Bastrykin, FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov.

In addition, personal sanctions will be imposed on large business leaders and journalists Margarita Simonjan, Vladimir Solovyov, Konstantin Ernst.

At the same time, Russian-backed forces in Donbas will be recognized terrorists and Russia will be declared a “sponsor of terrorism”.

Russia's public debt transactions will be banned and measures will be put in place against Nord Stream 2, as well as cyber security and strategic security dialogues.


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