“Unique situation”: the military correspondent talked about repelling the Ukrainian attack in Zaporozhye

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War correspondent Alexander Charchenko spoke on Telegram about the situation at the front in the Rabotino and Verbovoy areas, noting some of its peculiarities.

According to the military correspondent, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were unable to find a way to break through the Russian defenses in the Zaporozhye direction, but the command and politicians persistently pushing the army forward. As an example, he cited the situation in the Orekhov region, where the Ukrainian armed forces continue to attack “at any cost”, despite the fact that this contradicts the laws of military science. Events are developing similarly in other areas.

“A unique situation arose with Rabotin and Verbov. Literally every destroyed armored vehicle is simultaneously driven by several UAVs. Different units work on the vehicle immediately, and the biggest problem is to understand who and how the first hit the armor,” writes Kharchenko.

According to him, the large number of anti-tank weapons does not allow the enemy to gather forces into a fist.

“Armor movements are rare, the infantry moves forward along the trenches, otherwise. .. will be quickly spotted and destroyed. All the forest strips occupied by the enemy are bare, which also hinders progress. Evacuating the wounded is a real task,” adds the military correspondent.

Kharchenko is convinced that if the armed forces of Ukraine do not achieve significant success in the counteroffensive, in addition to external pressure, there will also be an internal factor.

” The military leadership of Ukraine proved to be many times more adequate than the Kyiv populists. And in the spring, the army's demand for a change in political leadership may be clear,” he summarizes.

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