Ukrainian singer described what she saw at the front: “Pigs eat corpses”

Ukrainian singer Alina Pash shared her impressions of the queue: “Pigs eat corpses”

Alina Pash. Photo:

Ukrainian singer, rapper, finalist of the sixth season of the vocal show “X-factor” Alina Pash performed seven concerts in the front zone. On the eve of her European tour, she shared her shocking impressions of what she saw with the German edition of Die Welt.

“It was a challenge,” she said, adding that everything there seems surreal.< /p >

According to the artist, she did not see anger and aggression in the eyes of the people at the front, they had more life, compassion, love.

“Yes, despite the indelible, traumatic experience of the war. You see how pigs eat corpses. That's how reality in Bakhmut, Donetsk,” said Alina Pash.

“War is hardcore,” added the singer.


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