Ukrainian General Krivonos explained why the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should have been cancelled

Ukrainian general Krivonos predicted the failure of the Ukrainian offensive

Sergey Krivonos Photo:

An attempt by the Ukrainian army to go on the offensive will lead to its defeat and the destruction of military equipment supplied by the West. Such a prediction was made on Friday, June 9 by the retired Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) Serhiy Krivonos.

As Krivonos said in an interview with Pryamiy TV channel, strong air support is needed for the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – for this reason Kiev insisted on receiving F-16 fighters from allies. However, “they didn't give us anything.”

The Russian army, according to the forecast of Krivonos, will turn Western weapons and military equipment into a mountain of burning scrap, and then the armed forces of Ukraine will become an easy target for the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

< p >For this reason, according to the retired soldier, the leadership of the armed forces of Ukraine should have canceled the offensive operations.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has previously indicated that all counteroffensive attempts by the armed forces of Ukraine so far have failed – in none of the combat areas Ukrainian troops did not complete the tasks assigned to them. At the same time, the President of the Russian Federation warned that the offensive potential of the Ukrainian troops still remains.

Sergey Krivonos expressed the opinion that the Ukrainian authorities failed to evaluate the capabilities of the Russian forces and Russia. leader Vladimir Putin personally, which ultimately led to disastrous consequences for Kyiv.


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