Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has criticized the results of the NATO summit: no details


Anadolu, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, commented on the outcome of the recent NATO summit, expressed dissatisfaction with the Alliance's reluctance to set any real conditions for its admission to the Independent.

& C; confirmed that Ukraine will be a member of NATO. US President Joe Biden … has also reiterated that he sees our country as a full member of the alliance … But the bad thing is that NATO has not given a hint of the timing of this process, “said the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry./P>

Kuleba recalled that for 13 years, since NATO first formally confirmed Ukraine's accession to the Alliance, Kiev has been making great efforts to meet these demands, while blaming NATO leadership for the complete absence of mutual action. & Nbsp;

< "What has NATO done ... to implement this decision (Ukraine's accession to the Alliance - ed. note?)? My answer is honest:" Nothing. "Since 2008, NATO has not taken a single step," Kuleba said.

The minister added that it could take a very long time to demand that Ukraine implement some reforms.

“It can be an endless story … So my question to NATO is:” How many reforms do you want? “… Because the more reforms we make, the higher the expectations from you,” said the Ukrainian minister. abroad.


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