Ukraine's armed forces have ordered 300 Vector drones from a German company


Ukrainian The Ministry of Defense awarded a contract to the German company Quantum-Systems for the procurement of 300 new unmanned medium-range reconnaissance unmanned vehicles (UAVs) of the Vector type. According to information published on the company's website, this is Ukraine's third order for this type of UAV, following previous orders of 105 units in January 2023 and 33 units in August 2022.

According to representatives of the company, Vector UAV has demonstrated excellent performance in the most demanding conditions and has been extensively tested on the battlefield in Ukraine. It has earned a reputation as a reliable means of military intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

“The Vector UAV has unique maneuverability and rapid deployment capability. It is ready to fly in just two minutes after launch, and the UAV is capable of detecting targets in any weather conditions conditions, reaches speeds of up to 72 km/h and has a long flight time.

In addition, Quantum-Systems announced the opening of a new service training, support and logistics center in Ukraine, which will provide training to operators on the use and maintenance of the Vector system .


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