Ukraine has decided that Lukashenko has already sold his homeland to Putin


In the Ukrainian media paradoxical analytical material on the last meetings of Russian President Vladimir Putin with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko was published. In the article, readers are led to the idea that Lukashenko may have already sold his homeland to Vladimir Putin.

After the European Union imposed deferred sanctions against Lukashenko, the head of Belarus to avoid economic collapse is facing an election – either to hold early elections and release political prisoners, or to agree with Russia on money, according to Novoye Vremya.

“He asks Russia, but she doesn't give it to him very willingly and not as much as he wants. As a result, Lukashenko said they had nothing to lose, I'm crazy, so I'll impose sanctions on Russia,” he writes. author with reference to the ban on the transit of European goods through the territory of Belarus in Russia.

Then Vladimir Putin and Lukashenko met in St. Petersburg, where, according to the Ukrainian author, the Russian leader indicated that the Belarusian economy was not doing so badly due to ties to Russia. In other words, if ties are tightened, then the Belarusian economy will collapse in just one month.

Lukashenko in response, as the article emphasizes, recalled that he is fighting the opposition, and made it clear that this war, including and for Russia.

“They argued with Lukashenko for five and a half hours. I don't remember such long negotiations between the two presidents, “the author notes, adding that in the end, Putin promised Lukashenko some money, not raising gas prices, and also providing a billion-dollar loan.

“Lukashenko was extremely dissatisfied with the results of these negotiations,” the Ukrainian material said, referring to the Belarusian state media, which allegedly did not pour honey this time after the meeting.

“But it is quite possible that Lukashenko did not like this meeting also because Putin still twisted his arms and managed to get Lukashenko to relinquish part of his sovereignty over Belarus,” suggests the author of Novoy Vremya. She also notes that after Lukashenko's return to Minsk, mass searches and arrests began in the non-state media and NGOs. “Why is this happening? Lukashenko is very worried that the riots will not start after everyone knows Vladimir Putin, “concludes the author.

However, he is also proposing a second version. According to the author of the article, Lukashenko, he is likely to compensate for the lack of money by mass repression.

the author writes and analyzes Lukashenko's actions.


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