Tikhanovskaya said what she asked Biden at the meeting

Photo: Official Twitter of the US President. Former Belarusian presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya said in a telegram about the issues she discussed with US President Joe Biden at a White House meeting Wednesday morning.

“As a politician, I am glad to have this meeting,” Tikhanovskaya said, adding that she considers Belarus to be at the forefront of the struggle between autocracy and democracy. According to her, she asked the American president “to help us make Belarus a successful example of a non-violent transition to democracy.”

She added that the Belarusian revolution is a democratic choice of Belarusians, so it is the moral duty of the US to support them. She also stressed that Belarus' sovereignty was not the subject of discussions and negotiations, and declared illegal any agreements signed by Alexander Lukashenko.

Tikhonskaya believes that new free elections should be held in Belarus under international control. It also demands the release of all political prisoners without any conditions.

“The crisis in Belarus should be on the international agenda of the UN and the OSCE,” Tikhanovskaya said. It also demanded that all those responsible be brought before international courts.

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