The withdrawal of most US troops will be completed within a crescent

Photo: flickr/Defense Images

Next section US troops will be completed within two weeks.

650 troops will remain in the country to secure the embassy in Kabul and several hundred troops to help Turkish forces protect the airport's capital.

They all left Afghanistan completely by September 11, writes The Associated Press.

It was previously known that in connection with the departure of American troops, 13 districts in eight provinces in the south, north and central part of Afghanistan came under the control of the “Taliban” in 24 hours.

Not only soldiers, but also special units along with weapons and armored vehicles take the side of the militants. Special forces equipped and trained by the Americans can no longer cope with the progress of the Taliban, despite the air support of their air forces, whose resources are already running out, and there will be no support from the Americans.

The Pentagon does not have a specific logistical support plan for the Afghan Air Force and Army, as well as the country's security forces. Washington plans to provide only financial assistance to Kabul, the Pentagon said. The U.S. military department also said that the main task at present is to withdraw troops on schedule.


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