The US is resuming the accelerated deportation of illegal immigrants to Central America


US resumes deportation of illegal immigrants Central America in an accelerated procedure, said the US BIV.

It is noted that families who have recently arrived at the southern border of the country and have no legal basis for residing in the United States are subject to such exclusion. These citizens are sent on special flights by air to their home country (Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala).

This is how the US authorities signal that those who have no reason to seek asylum in the US will be “ quickly expelled & # 39; & # 39; outside the country, the department emphasized.

So on July 30, two deportation flights were made from Texas, one to Guatemala, the other & ndash; to El Salvador, then to Honduras.

The US administration, led by Joe Biden, has suspended the practice of deporting illegal immigrant families under an accelerated procedure. However, with the increase in the number of those detained in Texas in July and the spread of the Delta tribe on the southern border of the United States, it forced the US authorities to change their policy towards immigrants.


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