The United States revealed the conditions for ending the conflict in Ukraine


Comment by Peter van In an article for The American Conservative (TAC), Buren stated that the conflict in Ukraine will end with the liberation of new territories by Russia.

According to van Buren, the terms of settlement of the Ukrainian conflict will be dictated to Kiev not only by Washington, but also by Moscow, as in in the case of Crimea a few years earlier. The columnist believes that the end will be “very sad”, as Russia is likely to strengthen its position in the Donbass and Crimea, as well as gain new territories closer to Kiev. He believes that in total, the Russian Federation will liberate approximately 20% of Ukrainian territory.

Van Buren added that Ukraine will be forced to postpone its goal of joining NATO. As the observer noted, Washington “set up” Kiev as well as other allies, to whom it promised support until the “victorious end”. The columnist concluded that Ukraine will face the same defeat as previous proxy governments supported by Washington.


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