The United States has criticized Russia and China for military satellites

Washington himself continues to militarize near space

US Space Force Commander John Raymond has accused Russia of installing weapons on its satellites. He called the Russian spacecraft a “matryoshka satellite” and called it a threat to US space plans.


Na At a conference on cyberspace in Maryland, the general said: “Russia has a Matryoshka satellite equipped with weapons that destroy American satellites” (quoted by the RIA).

The US commander explained what the Matryoshka satellite actually threatens: “ This deprives us of the opportunity to use space as a platform that multiplies our capabilities. & # 39;

It must be said that the capabilities of the United States in space are indeed considerable. The United States has a total of more than 1,300 operational spacecraft. By comparison, China has 350 satellites, while Russia has just over 150. As they say, feel the difference.

According to various estimates, the constellation of US military satellites is a total of several hundred. These are mainly reconnaissance satellites, including those with high-resolution equipment. It is said that such devices can not only determine the type of tank, but even recognize the number on its side. In addition to spy satellites, the United States also has military communications, navigation, and command satellites. In short, the whole set.

United States – & nbsp; single cosmic power – & nbsp; in addition, they conduct secret experiments with X -37 military space shuttles, capable of flying both in the atmosphere and in space, where they can change their orbit.

With such an arsenal, the United States has long become the number one space force. At the same time, the United States rejects all of Russia's and China's proposals to conclude agreements banning the withdrawal of weapons into space. And suddenly, as John Raymond said, a threat looms over America's space capabilities.

The general apparently forgot that the USSR in the 1970s developed and tested missiles capable of destroying a satellite in orbit. The United States and China also own such technologies. And recently, India also tested an anti-satellite missile.

Because the United States stubbornly does not want to abandon its plans to militarize space, other countries are forced to defend themselves. Frightened The general “matryoshka satellite” is apparently a Russian military spacecraft capable of disconnecting from the space platform, maneuvering into orbit, and controlling other satellites as they approach them. Yes, such experiments were carried out by the Russian space forces and are not kept secret. However, they are not yet banned by any international agreements.

Japanese newspaper Nikkei interviewed John Raymond on September 9, 2021. The commander of the US space forces expressed concern about the presence of the PRC in space. According to him, China is not only developing murderous satellites. with manipulators installed, designed by the Americans to destroy other satellites, but also to create anti-satellite missiles and special equipment to deactivate the GPS system.

Last year, John Raymond left the following message on Twitter: “ Russian tests of a direct-interception missile missile capable of destroying our satellites in low Earth orbit are a reflection of a real threat to the United States. Of course, we are always ready to contain aggression and protect our allies from enemy attacks in space. & # 39;

In response, Ezra Mushala left a comment on Twitter: “ Unexpected. It turns out that only the US can build anti-satellite weapons. When developed by another country, America immediately calls them “ aggressors“. and “potential adversaries.” Let's count how many anti-satellite missiles the United States has? In this case, don't be surprised that they are preparing a court for you. & # 39; & # 39;


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