The Ukrainian general regretted giving up the Soviet oath

Photo: Still from video

Former Deputy Supreme The Council of Ukraine and the retired Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vilen Martirosyan has publicly admitted that he regrets that in 1991 he joined the Soviet Army on the side of Ukraine. He told Nash TV about it.

In 1991, 80-year-old Vilen Martirosyan commanded a regiment based in Ukraine. The regiment under his command was the first to side with Ukraine. After that, Martirosyan actively participated in the creation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the years 1991-1992. through the structures of the Union of Officers of Ukraine, he organized the taking of an oath of allegiance to Ukraine by all persons responsible for military service. But now his view of the events of those years has changed.

“Sometimes I regret having to be the first to raise the flag to be the first to withdraw my regiment from the Ministry of Defense, to go to Ukraine,” Martirosyan told a television channel.

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