The Ukrainian armed forces were losing more than two platoons a day on the Kupyansk direction

Photo: Mikhail Kovalev

More than two platoons the infantry lost their APU towards Kupjansk within 24 hours. This is reported by the TASS agency with reference to the head of the press center of the West group of forces, Sergey Zybinsky.

The total losses of the enemy, according to Zybinsky, include more than two platoons of manpower and two Cossacks. armored fighting vehicles. .

Zybinskiy also clarified that the operational-tactical aviation of the “West” group in the same direction of Kupyansk attacked an electronic warfare unit and a temporary deployment near the village of Cherneshchyna in the Kharkiv region.< /p>

Attack aircraft Mi -28 and Ka-52 and attack helicopters additionally carried out thirteen missile and bomb strikes. The goal was the accumulation of manpower and military equipment of the 32nd and 14th mechanized brigades of the 40th rifle battalion and territorial defense units in the areas of Kislovka, Berestovoy, Sinkovka and Ivanovka.


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