The telegram blocked the robots with the election campaign


All robots, associated with the election campaign in Russia, blocked in the Telegram. Including “smart voting”. This was stated by the creator of the service, Pavel Durov. He explained that it was due to the start of the vote. The service will monitor “Days of Silence”.

Durov emphasized that in many countries the practice of inactivity is a day of will. The company considers this to be legitimate and has called on Telegram users to respect this requirement.

Previously, Smart Voting was removed from their stores by Apple and Google. This happened at the request of Roskomnadzor. Representatives of the companies attended the meeting of the commission of the Federation Council for the Protection of State Sovereignty. However, they could not justify the need to place the request there on the days of the vote.

Durov said that not only Russia requires the removal of certain applications for various reasons. The founder of Telegram recalled that this year Apple and Google approached him with a request to remove publicly available information in accordance with the laws of various countries. Failure to comply with these requirements threatened to exclude the application from the Google Play and App Store catalogs.


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