The State Duma has revealed that it is threatening Kadyrov's son for beating an activist


First The deputy chairman of the Constitutional Committee of the State Duma, lawyer Yury Sinelshchikov, said that depending on the circumstances of the beating of Nikita Zhuravel, the son of Ramzan Kadyrov could receive up to five years in prison.

If so, it turned out that Zhuravel himself attacked Adam Kadyrov, and he defended himself, the son of the head of Chechnya will escape punishment, said Sinelshchikov. If we are talking about the intentional beating of an arrested person, then prison is set for it, reports

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov published a video in which his son Adam Kadyrov beats the arrested Nikita. He roared. He commented on the video saying “he beat and did the right thing”. Zhuravel is accused of burning the Koran in Volgograd. Proceedings were opened against him for insulting the feelings of believers, and then he was handed over to Chechen investigators.


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