The Russian Navy responded to the British destroyers incident by exercising in the Mediterranean

Kinzhalov carriers and strategic aviation take part in maneuvers

On June 25, the Russian Navy and Air Force launched a joint exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean. The maneuvers coincided with an incident off the coast of Crimea, where a British destroyer provoked and violated the Russian naval border. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the battleships of the permanent operational formation of the Russian Navy as well as naval and long-range aviation aircraft participate in the exercises in the Mediterranean.

Photo: Ministry of Defense Press Service < A pair of MiG-31K aircraft flew to the Russian base Khmeimim in Syria. They are carriers of Dagger hypersonic missiles. In addition, there was relocated anti-submarine aircraft Il-38 from the Navy.

Five Russian Navy ships are involved in the behavior, including the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet's missile cruiser. Moscow, the newest frigates Admiral Essen and “Admiral Makarov”, as well as two submarines “Old Oskol” and “Rostov on Don”. Aviation is represented by the Tu-142MK, anti-submarine aircraft Il-38, long-range bombers Tu-22M3 and MiG-31K aircraft. Tartus “in Syria.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the latest military equipment is being tested in difficult climatic conditions caused by high temperatures. Flight crews will practice pilot skills in new geographical areas.

It was previously announced that a second runway has been reconstructed at Khmeimim Air Force Base to accommodate both strategic aircraft and aircraft carriers with the latest missile weapons, and that crews will be able to train missions in the airspace over the Mediterranean Sea.


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