The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned the United States not to become a party to the conflict in Ukraine

Photo: Clip from video

Deputy Foreign Minister Russia's Sergei Ryabkov said that the US and NATO are worsening the situation in Ukraine with their statements about the possibility of an attack on Russian territory from the Ukrainian side. Moscow warns Washington about de-escalation towards the Russian Federation.

As the deputy minister emphasized, the situation is now extremely acute. Moscow would not want Washington to become a party to the conflict. However, the United States has not yet heard the warning, Ryabkov added.

Previously, Washington authorized the armed forces to use American weapons in Crimea for self-defense, as Politico wrote with reference to an anonymous White House source.


Later Russian Senator Sergei Chekov pointed out that American weapons can be used to strike not only in Crimea, but also in other territories of the Russian Federation. Specifically, these are the regions of Bryansk and Kursk.


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