The representative, who advised the Russians to eat less, declared an income of 0 rubles

Ilja Gaffner, a representative of the Sverdlovsk region legislature, who scandalously advised Russians in 2015 to eat less during the crisis, earned 0 rubles last year.

Photos by Gaffner Facebook page

As “MK Ekaterinburg”, this follows from the published statements of the regional deputies.

A similar situation was observed a year earlier: for 2019, Gaffner reported 4 kicks of revenue.

In Gaffner's statement for 2020, an apartment with an area of ​​66.6 m2 is in use. m. Two more apartments (80 and 201.7 m travel abroad in connection with a debt of 196 million rubles. In the same year the court annulled the diploma of the United Russia on further higher education. In 2017, they were suspected of hiding income.

< In May 2018, the court dismissed the bankruptcy and released the deputy from paying a debt of 160 million rubles.


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