The representative of Russia at the UN mocked the Ukrainian diplomat Kislits


First Deputy Ambassador Dmitry Polyansky of the Russian Federation at the United Nations sneered at the photo of the head of the Ukrainian mission in the organization, Sergei Kislitsa. 

The photo that Kislitsa published on social networks, in which he addresses Russia and shows an indecent gesture.

< p>The Ukrainian diplomat is wearing a t-shirt with profanity in the publication. Kislytsya explained that the series of Russian missile attacks on November 23 had left him with “no diplomatic options.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, meet a prominent Ukrainian diplomat,” —  Polyansky responded to the photo by introducing Kislitsa.  

Belarusian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Valentin Rybakov was also outraged by Kislitsa's behavior. “What the hell is a diplomat?”, — Rybakov said that the main task of a diplomat is to be able to talk to adversaries and behave in a civilized manner in any situation. Rybakov thinks.


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