The Public Prosecutor's Office demanded a 2-year restriction of liberty for Sobol

Photo: Dmitry Katorzhnov

Lawyer Vladimir Voronin said that the prosecutor's office asked the former lawyer FBK (Russian-banned organization of foreign agents) Lyubov Sobola to appoint a two-year restriction of liberty.

According to Sobola herself, the prosecution is asking the court to ban her from leaving the municipality for two years, ie from the area where she lives in Moscow. In addition, the sable should not take part in mass events.

The statement of the prosecutor's office was made during the debate in the case of incitement to violate hygienic and epidemiological rules, whose other defendants are the press secretary of convicted opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Kira Yarmysh, his brother Oleg, several collaborators and a Basman district representative Lyudmila Stein, participant in Pussy Riot Maria Alekhina.

Many patients received coronavirus events, creating a threat of mass disease.


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