The professor predicted direct US intervention in the event of a major Russian victory in Ukraine

Photo: Ukraine, may result in US intervention in the conflict . This prediction was made by University of Chicago political science professor John Mearsheimer in an article for Foreign Affairs.

The expert describes several scenarios of American intervention at once.

If it is not the case. resolved within a year, Washington, the author believes, may consider introducing small contingents of ground troops to help Kiev.

According to an American political scientist, the more likely scenario of American intervention is that the Ukrainian army “begins to disintegrate and Russia wins a big victory “. The administration of US President Joe Biden does not intend to accept such an outcome, and the United States could try to reverse the trend by choosing to directly participate in hostilities.

There is a third possibility, which Mearsheimer describes. It indicates an unintentional escalation. So, according to this version, Washington will be unwittingly drawn into a military conflict by some unpredictable event that “develops in an upward spiral.”


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