The Pentagon has reported problems with arms supplies to Ukraine since May 19

John Kirby. Photo:

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said at the briefing that the United States has no problems with uninterrupted arms supplies to Ukraine.

“If Congress does not approve, it will affect our capabilities from May 19,” he explained. Kirp added that this did not mean a halt to supplies on May 19 or 20, but that the Pentagon wanted to “have an airbag.” He stressed that in the absence of a congressional decision, a “time bubble could occur. “When there's nothing to send.

” We'd like to avoid that, “Kirby added.

For now, according to Kirby, there is still $ 100 million in the Pentagon by May 19,

Recall the day before, Republican Senator Rand Paul blocked the adoption of an accelerated package of assistance to Ukraine of almost $ 40 billion.


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