The Ministry of Defense has published a video of Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered in Gorsky Kotl

Photos: Video footage

Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video with Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered in the Gorski Kotl. The record shows dozens of captured UAF soldiers lined up in front of the camera.

Earlier, Chechnya chief Ramzan Kadyrov said that the city of Zolote in the LPR had been completely liberated. In his publication on the Telegram channel, the Chechen leader noted that the fighters were beginning to completely liberate the nearby city of Gorskoye. According to him, the cleaning takes place in stages.

According to the platoon leader with the call sign “Flint”, there are now about 100 militants in Gorskoye, including foreign mercenaries. & Nbsp;

the federation announced that in the area of ​​вad ‹вad‹ the settlements of Gorskoye and Zolote they managed to completely block a group of armed forces of Ukraine. Up to 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers were taken to the Gorski Kotl.


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