The Kremlin has not received any appeals from Lukashenko regarding Russian troops in Belarus

Dmitry Peskov commented on the words of Alexander Lukashenko, who said that in the case threat to Belarus, Russian troops may be deployed in the country.

“No appeal has been filed in this regard,” he said. The Kremlin chairman explained that the deployment of a Russian armed contingent “is only possible after the official dismissal of another country's leadership.” “There are procedures established by law and powers established by law,” he added.

Lukashenko himself assessed the probability of the introduction of Russian troops as extremely low, because Belarus itself has sufficient forces for self-defense. “Apart from the 'territories,' we can put 500,000 people in our arms at the right time in the short term, and that is a force. If that is not enough, all the armed forces of the Russian Federation will be brought in. That will never happen. But if necessary, we will not hesitate, “said Dad.


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