The Global Times called on Russia and China to talk hard with the United States


Global Times journalist believes Russia and it is time for China to explain to the United States that they should no longer interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. Such an article appeared against the background of the upcoming joint exercises between Moscow and Beijing at the Qingtongxia training ground.

The author recalled that it was the United States that caused chaos in Afghanistan due to the withdrawal of troops, and also to arrange a lot of problems around China and Russia. In addition, the American side may try to push a wedge in Central Asia. This “ will jeopardize Russian-Chinese relations or even the unity and coherence of the SCO, & # 39; & # 39; believes the Global Times.

The daily noted that if we draw parallels between the exercise and the situation in Afghanistan, then it is necessary to assess the forces in the region. These are terrorism, extremism and also separatism. The author emphasizes that their confrontation is the mission of Russia, China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Western media previously noted that the Russian-Chinese exercises were allegedly linked to the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. It was also said that the maneuvers also had political goals.


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