The German politician admitted the risk of escalation of the Ukrainian conflict due to the transfer of tanks

Photo: Frame from video

German Leopard tanks 2, if delivered to Ukraine, will become a new escalation factor. This was stated by Alisa Weidelová, co-president of the right-wing opposition party Alternative for Germany (AfD).

According to the politician, she is very concerned about Poland's request to allow the transfer of tanks to Ukraine. The AfD faction therefore asks German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to remain in his position regarding the avoidance of tank deliveries to Ukraine.

The politician called German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock's statement about not defending Poland irresponsible. in the supply of tanks to Ukraine.

According to Weidel, handing over tanks to the Ukrainian army will only contribute to a new round of escalation of the conflict. This will lead to the transformation of Germany into one of the parties to the conflict with unpredictable consequences.


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