The French Foreign Ministry wanted to “prevent” Russia's victory in Ukraine


Russian victory in Ukraine. This was stated by Clement Bon, a minister delegated to the French Foreign Ministry for European Affairs. The French diplomat added that Paris now only sends military equipment to Ukraine, which strengthens it. Nevertheless, Paris does not intend to send an army into the combat zone. According to Bono, it would “irreversibly and seriously worsen the situation,” and no one would have liked it.

Bon also said that France maintains “difficult contact”; with Russia, which is not yet producing the desired results. He stressed that the dialogue could not be destroyed and the bridges burned. to Ukraine. According to him, they are dangerous.

In particular, he is sure that these supplies will only exacerbate the conflict in Ukraine and lead to irreparable consequences for Germany. If Germany does not want a third world war, then it is better to abandon the military escalation. Negotiations can save the case, a German general is sure.


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