The fighter “Azov” told about his escape from Mariupol by helicopter

Photo: Global Look Press Russian Federation for the extremism of the Azov Battalion to the beginning of a special military operations in Ukraine had eight years of experience in combat operations. A native of the Carpathian region with the call sign “Molfar” said that in Mariupol he commanded the communication department of the city defense center.

“Molfar” was seriously injured in mid-March during a raid. Doctors diagnosed a wound in the abdomen and fragmentation of the pelvis. He was later transferred from the city hospital to a shelter near Azovstal. At that time, the gunmen still had medicine, and droppers were placed on the lying wounded man to stabilize his condition.

“Molfar” spent several days in the catacombs under the plant, and then he was told that the Wounded would try to evacuate. helicopters that were already on their way and arrived in two hours.

At first he didn't believe in that possibility.

“Then it was crazy. Every second of this flight seemed as long as life. The pilots did a very good job, it was a real miracle, “Molfar told reporters.

He explained that the helicopters were flying at very high speeds at ultra low altitudes. The wounded were taken first to Zaporozhye and then to the Dnieper. The gunman indicated that the Russian army did not expect such audacity from the pilots and confused the helicopters with their own. In addition, at that time, the Russian air force undertook up to 100 combat flights a day.

Molfar added that on February 26, it was clear to the militants that they would be surrounded in Mariupol. They were ready for it, but they did not expect the Russian army to come from Crimea so quickly. The 503rd Battalion tried to remove the blockade of Mariupol. However, he did not have enough staff and intelligence.

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