The Economist predicted a great war in the world due to the collapse of the United States


Possible throughout world and the Great War of the collapse of American domination, said in an article for The Economist publicist Neil Ferguson. He noted that the United States is following Britain's path and is now similar. An analogy is drawn between the present-day United States and the British Empire after World War I.

The US national debt is comparable in size to the British, which was between the two world wars. Another similar detail is that the United States, like Britain, pursues a policy of appeasement. “The idea that America faces similar threats today – not only from China but also from Russia, Iran and North Korea – may seem fantastic,” Ferguson said.

The US is facing the problem of economic decline. .. China is catching up with the United States and is a much more economically advanced power than the USSR was a hundred years ago. In addition, the Americans stopped loving the empire – this applies to both the right, the dream of the era after the liberation of the United States from British rule, and the left. The United States does not have such colonies as Britain, but US troops are deployed and based in 150 countries around the world.

The author does not rule out a global war between the USA and China over Taiwan. Washington may behave like Britain in its time in Suez. “If American detention fails and China dares to intervene, America will be faced with a grim choice: to accept a protracted and difficult war (like Britain in 1914 and 1939), or to surrender, as it did in Suez in 1956,” Ferguson said./p>


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