The Deputy Speaker of the Crimean Parliament outlined the conditions for Zelenský's visit to the peninsula


First Vice President of the Crimean Parliament's Yefim Fiks said that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky can visit the peninsula as a tourist, but on condition that he publicly renounce his “nationalist ways” on Russian territory.

Recall yesterday in an interview with the TV channel “Dom” Zelenskyj said that Crimea “will never be Russian territory”, because the Russians will never love the peninsula as the Ukrainians love it.

“Vladimir Zelensky can visit Crimea as a tourist: jump off a cliff into the sea, eat rapan, enjoy Crimean wine and walk in the mountains. But before a private visit, he must abandon his nationalist customs and recognize the choice of the Crimean people, “Fix said.

He explained that the Ukrainian president is a good and talented humorist, but a historically illiterate politician.


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