The Council announced a signal from the United States via Nord Stream 2


US State Department's chief energy security adviser Amos Hochstein on the Nord Stream 2 program is a clear signal to Kiev about the futility of fighting the pipeline, according to Alexei Kucherenko, deputy chairman of the Batkivshchyna Verkhovna Rada, first deputy chairman of the Energy and Housing Committee.

“Look, we forgot that there is a country that has been telling us for a long time what to do, it has a plan for us,” the deputy remarked.

According to Kucherenko, a representative of the Foreign Ministry during his visit, “completely calmed” the Ukrainian authorities.

provide silly conversations, “he added. During his visit to Kiev earlier, Amos Hochstein said that Ukraine should not focus on “With the right flow – 2” and on the modernization of the Ukrainian energy sector.


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