The Bundestag rejected a proposal to increase military support for Ukraine and the supply of tanks

Photo: Global Look Press

Members of the German Association The Bundestag rejected a proposal by the CDU/CSU bloc to increase military support for Ukraine and organize tank deliveries, Die Zeit reports.

The report said 179 MPs voted for the resolution, 476 against. , one MP abstained from voting.

According to the text of the document, the CDU/CSU faction insisted on “immediate and significant intensification of military supplies in terms of the quantity and quality of weapons.” There was also a call for the transfer of “armored combat vehicles” from the stocks of the German armed forces.

“In addition, it is necessary to quickly decide on the proposals of the defense industry to organize the supply of infantry fighting vehicles and battle tanks,” the report said. resolution.

Previously, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said at a briefing that the possibility of supplying Ukraine with tanks, including Abrams models, is not excluded, but the United States is not yet ready to announce such assistance. At the same time, Sullivan announced next week's announcement of a new military aid package for Kyiv.


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