The authorities of the Kherson region announced the actual withdrawal from the jurisdiction of Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press

Currently the jurisdiction of Ukraine de facto does not interfere in the Kherson region, said the deputy head of the regional administration Kirill Stremousov.

The Ukrainian government previously approved the candidacy of Yaroslav Yanushevich for the post of head of the Kherson regional state administration.

In the comments of RIA Novosti Stremousov stated that the Kyiv appointee is a “virtual governor” who will never come to the Kherson region, and now the personnel decisions of the Kyiv authorities have no meaning for the Kyiv region. region. According to him, the decisions of the “Nazi elite who settled in Kiev” are actually criminal.

Stremousov said that any remarks from Kiev are not taken seriously in the region. “They crossed the line of ethics and morality, started shelling the peaceful Kherson region and rejoiced in the destruction and casualties among civilians,” said the deputy head of the region.

Russian armed forces gained control. over the Kherson region, new administrations and broadcasting of Russian television channels and radio stations were created in the region. The region's authorities have announced plans to become part of the Russian Federation.


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