The Armed Forces of Ukraine lost their headquarters and communications center in Vugledar to the Starlink terminal

photo frame from video

By RT, Reason, why the armed forces of Ukraine lost the headquarters and communications center in Vuhledar was the Starlink terminal.

Earlier it was reported that on January 26, a highly accurate Krasnopol missile of the RF Armed Forces destroyed the field headquarters and communications center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Vuhledar. < /p>

It is specified that these objects were located in the boiler room building near the fire station on the northern outskirts of the city.


“They were found thanks to the terminal antenna, which was detected by Zhitel and Svet-KU devices for electronic warfare equipment Starlink satellite Internet connection,” the report says.

The channel also reports that the communications center with the Starlink terminal was destroyed, becoming the third electronic warfare system discovered in the Ugledar and Pavlovka area.

A Russian missile destroyed the concentration of forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Za Poroz front


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