The Americans passed on biometric data to their Afghan allies to the Taliban

Americans pass on biometric data to their Afghan allies to the Taliban

The Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) that took power in Afghanistan received biometric devices containing fingerprints collected by the Americans, eye scans and personal information of US Afghan allies. President Joe Biden has been warned that he will have “blood on his hands” if the data are used by fighters to kill for revenge.

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American Indiana Republican Congressman Jim Banks said the Taliban had received biometric devices used by the U.S. military.

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The Daily Mail looks like the politician bases his statement on a report that appeared in The Intercept on Monday, in which the military confirmed that such facilities were in the hands of the Taliban.

Portable devices known as HIIDE, used for personal identification, contain biometric data from many people in Afghanistan.

It is unclear whether the Taliban received access to data collected by the Americans, but Banks warned that Joe Biden would have “ blood on his hands' if the Taliban used this information to track down Afghans who had collaborated with the United States. Congressman Banks also expressed concern over scenes in which the Taliban used US equipment donated to the Afghan military.

Jim Banks, representing Indiana in the House of Representatives, criticized Joe Biden on Tuesday for leaving a significant amount of weapons in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal.

Banks, a naval midfielder who served as a state senator in Afghanistan in 2014 and 2015, told a news conference on Capitol Hill that the Taliban had received a large stockpile of weapons and equipment left behind by the United States.

However, he added that for me and many others it is “ the most understandable & # 39; & # 39; It turned out to be a biometric database that was collected and stored on hand-held identification devices (HIIDE) to help identify local people working with the coalition.

The Taliban now have biometric devices that collect fingerprints, eye scans, and biographies of Afghans that have helped us over the past 20 years, & ndash; Says Banks. & ndash; This administration still has no plans to return this device or this accessory. & # 39; & # 39;

Web Intercept described in detail the work of biometric devices. A spokesman for Joint Special Operations Command and three former U.S. military personnel said on the site that the Taliban had received devices known as HIIDE (Portable Inter-Agency Personality Identification Equipment).

HIIDE devices contain identifying biometric data, such as iris scans and fingerprints, as well as biographical information, and are used to access large centralized databases.

Army veteran for special operations The Intercept said the Taliban may not be able to control the facilities. But Pakistan's ISI intelligence service may have the ability to access the data, he said. This special service is known to work with the Taliban.

“ In the Taliban & # 39; & # 39; there is no facility that uses the data, but the ISI has such a facility, “said the veteran.

Annie Jacobson, who wrote a book on Pentagon data collection, told the NPR in January that the Pentagon wanted to catalog millions of people, but it was unclear if they had succeeded. “ The original goal of the Ministry of Defense was to obtain biometrics for 80 percent of the Afghan population, & nbsp; & ndash; she said. & ndash; The target was about 25 million people. It is not known if they have achieved this, as these statistics are jealously guarded by the Department of Defense. ” intelligence gathering, etc. HIIDE was used as a biometric identification tool to help identify local people working for the coalition. “

Congressman Banks said that due to negligence this report & # 39; & # 39; The Taliban also received 75,000 vehicles; more than 200 aircraft and helicopters; 600 thousand small arms and light weapons units; night vision goggles and bulletproof vest.

He added that the Taliban now has “ more Black Hawk helicopters than 85 percent of the world's countries. & # 39; & # 39;

Many pointed out that most of the equipment was intentionally left by the Americans to use the Afghan National Force. Moreover, it is not a fact that the Taliban can fly planes and helicopters, and of course they did not have the ability to operate them without the help of Pakistan or other countries.

In a viral video browsing the Internet, you can see & nbsp; an American Black Hawk helicopter on a roaring country allegedly owned by the Taliban, although it was not possible to see who was inside and the helicopter did not take off. According to The Drive, the UH-60A military models were not intentionally equipped with the latest technology. However, the Taliban's seizure of this arsenal was definitely a PR trick for an Islamist group.

Critics of Banks pointed out that his data was incorrect. Special Inspector General for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan & ndash; office set up by the Congress to oversee expenditures in the country & ndash; On June 30, he announced that there were 167 aircraft in Afghanistan, including 23 A-29 attack aircraft and 33 UH-60 Black Hawk military helicopters. Full details of how many aircraft or other military equipment were still there in mid-August, when the Taliban regained control of the country, are not available.


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